Hey there. My  name is Stergios Misios and I am physicist working at the Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

What am i doing? I am using numerical codes to simulate the response of the atmosphere and ocean to external forgings. One example of an external forcing is the variability of our Sun. In my master thesis I tried to find solar cycle signals in observations. Really difficult task because we have reliable observations over three solar cycles only.

Imagine now you are born in the future, let's say in 2080 (100 years after the year I was actually born). Then you have much longer observations and of course better statistics. You can also imagine that by 2080 you can communicate (!!!) with a friend living in another terrestrial planet, like our Earth, that spins around a Sun-like star. It would be great because first you could add more friends to your Facebook account! Second, you could also compare the response of the atmosphere and oceans to the solar cycle variability in that second Earth-like planet with your findings. In fact, some of the advantages of the future can be realized, to some extend, even today, with the aid of global circulation models. I exploit such a model to investigate the response of the tropical atmosphere and oceans to the 11-yr solar cycle variability. I carried out multiple realizations of 60 years each. With a model you can do other crazy staff such as simulate effects of a sinusodial solar cycle or take out effects coming from the oceans. This is very exciting!

Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics,
Physics Department,
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,
University campus P.O. Box 149, Thessaloniki 54124,