Friday, May 1, 2015

IUGG 2015 : Be there!

Image result for iugg 2015 M13 Regional Climate Variability and Change

Convener: Sumant Nigam (College Park, USA)
Co-convener: Adam Scaife (Exeter, U.K.)


The symposium targets sub-continental regions exhibiting notable warming (and cooling) since the 1970s, focusing on the detection, attribution, and mechanisms of multi-decadal variability and change. The symposium will bring together dynamically oriented observational analysts and coupled modellers to advance attribution – multi-decadal natural variability vs. anthropogenic influence (GHG, aerosols) – and draw attention to the discrepancies in the observational and model based assessments of regional multi-decadal climate variability and change. Characterizing the dynamical and thermodynamical mechanisms governing such variability/change in both nature and coupled models is an important symposium goal; multi-decadal simulation and prediction experiments are expected to provide mechanistic insights.