Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Conference on Sun-Climate Connections. Be there!

This international conference will provide an overview of our current understanding of Sun-Climate Connections starting at processes on the Sun itself over space weather and solar wind towards solar influence on the upper atmosphere down to the ocean. It will also provide insights into the heatedly debated role of the Sun in climate change. In four sessions the various contributions of solar variability influence on Earth’s climate will be presented and discussed by bringing together solar physicists, space scientists, atmospheric scientists, climate modellers, and paleoclimatologists.
We expect contributions from scientists participating in SCOSTEP/ROSMIC, SPARC-SOLARIS/HEPPA, the EU cost network TOSCA, as well as any other interested scientists. The conference will last three full days, beginning Monday morning, 16 March 2013. The programme will consist of invited and keynote lectures, a few contributed oral presentations and ample time dedicated to poster sessions. The fourth day will be devoted to public outreach activities as well as panel discussions.