Friday, November 30, 2012

TOSCA sun2climate school : Impact of solar variability on the Earth's climate

10-15 Mar 2013 Thessaloniki (Greece)

This school aims at introducing 2nd year master students, PhD students, as well as post-graduate students to a hotly debated topic that is of considerable scientific and societal importance: how does solar variability affect the Earth's climate?

The objective of this school is to give a synthetic and multidisciplinary overview of this timely problem by explaining the main mechanisms and by presenting the key issues. The lectures will be given by internationally recognized and expertised scientists from the solar physics, space physics and and atmospheric physics communities. All of them are involved in an European COST action "TOSCA" that precisely addresses the Sun-climate connection.

The school programme will consist of plenary lectures and some hand-on applications on computers. Special emphasis will be given to the interactions between different regions of the Sun-Earth chain and on the multidisciplinary character of the problem. For that reason, the school is not exclusively limited to students working in solar, space or atmospheric science. Master students will have the possibility to be credited with ECTS.

There is no registration fee for the scientific attendance at the school and accommodation & board will be fully covered as well. Limited support is also available to cover part of the travel expenses for students coming from developing countries. However, the number of participants is limited.  Participants will be accepted by the Organizing Committee mainly on the basis of their qualifications and the likely benefit to their research from attending the school.

The deadline for receiving applications is January 8, 2013.

For further information, please visit the school web site at