Thursday, February 16, 2012

New stories:
  • (5 Nov) Open for discussion in ACPD: Recent variability of the solar spectral irradiance and its impact on climate modelling, by Ermolli et al.
  • (29 Aug) Another paper in GRL identifies solar cycle-climate links: The Indian summer monsoon during peaks in the 11 year sunspot cycle, by H. van loon and G. Meehl.
  • (26 Aug) New paper appeared in JGR: Impact of the solar cycle and the QBO on the atmosphere and the ocean, by C. Petrick et al..
  • (24 Aug) I will present a poster in HEPPA/SOLARIS meeting [link]
  • (18 June) Presentations of TOSCA workshop are now online [link]
  • (14 May) First day of the TOSCA workshop in Berlin
  • (4 April) New paper appeared in ACPD: Middle atmosphere response to different descriptions of the 11-yr solar cycle in spectral irradiance in a chemistry-climate model by W. H. Swartz et al.
  • (4 April) New paper appeared in JAS: The Lower Stratospheric Response to 11-Year Solar Forcing: Coupling to the Troposphere-Ocean Response by Lon L. Hood and Boris E. Soukharev